Call me "The Grouch"

I had to give myself some time to calm down before I started typing this post. I rely on Chicago Public Transportation (CTA) to get me to work in the mornings. On February 7, 2010 the CTA cut the amount of buses they have out around the city. The service reductions were put into place to help reduce costs and maximize efficiency. I can understand the need to cut costs and to do that they need to make service reductions, I totally get it. However, when I’m waiting 30 minutes for a bus to show up, then not 1 bus but 5 buses in a row show up, there is an issue.

CTA please, please, please space the buses out so that customers do not have to wait forever. Plus, can you explain how having 5 buses in a row maximizes efficiency?

Had I started this post 1 hour ago the language would have been much more, as my grandmother would say, colorful;) This put me in a Grouchy mood this morning, but I’m slowly getting over it!

I LOVE having this blog. It provides a great place to vent my frustrations!

Let’s move onto something a bit more fun. Like yesterday’s eats!


Oatmeal with cinnamon, granola, coconut and a teaspoon of peanut butter:

Coffee + Cocoa = Tracey’s alternative to Starbucks latte.


During my lunch break I had to run to the store to try and find a dress for an event I will be attending this Friday. One thing everyone should know about me is that I despise shopping for dresses. I have a body that doesn’t fit into dresses off the rack so it is always extremely frustrating to have to shop for one when I have no time for alterations.

While out shopping I stopped at Potbelly’s, one of my favorite sandwich shops, to pick up something to eat at my desk. I ended up with a 10″ turkey sub with provolone cheese, onion, mustard, mayo, lettuce, extra pickle and hot peppers:

The sandwich was toasted and oh so good!

On Tuesday’s they have chicken noodle soup so I had to pick up a cup:


When Patrick and I got home I turned on Biggest loser and made a simple yet very tasty salad. I used romaine hearts, shaved parmesan cheese and some fancy balsamic vinaigrette that Patricks dad gave him. I’m going to have to take a photo of the balsamic jar so you all can see what brand it is, it is really good!

Patrick ordered us some deep dish pizza from Giordano’s. We’ve been craving deep dish pizza since Sunday. The food network did a show on Chicago’s famous deep dish pizza, we were both practically drooling while watching the show. Obviously it was inevitable that we would order one this week sometime:)

My plate included a slice of peperoni and onion pizza with a side of pasta:

Such a great pizza. I wasn’t always a fan of the deep dish pizza but now I LOVE it!

After looking at the pictures I realize I should have brought a slice for lunch today. I need to start thinking ahead!


How do you get to work? Do you drive, walk, run, bike, public transportation or something else? Let us know in the comments.

I take public transportation and on a very few occasions I will take a cab.


  • Emily (A Nutritionist Eats)

    I live in the city but work in the burbs so no public transportation for me 🙁 Just traffic and car-pooling with my honey!

  • Kristen @ Change of Pace

    Grrr I'm sorry about the buses. That has got to be so frustrating. I'm sure enough people will complain so they will have to change it! Hang in there girl!

    One of my favorite flavors is coconut, peanut butter, and banana all together. Your oatmeal looks so good! And your pizza literally made my stomach growl… Guess I need a snack 🙂

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