Weekend Activities: Thunder Storms and Celtic Fest!

I was having a ton of fun with my camera this weekend so this post is going to be picture heavy.

Friday started off with a thunder storm that drove the dogs to their favorite hideout, under the chair:

Had my new favorite snack of apples and Mighty Maple Nut Butter:
Friday night is Pizza night for the husband and I. We had Sarpino’s:
I dragged my husband out of the house early Saturday morning so we could grab some breakfast at a local diner.
Standard vanilla latte x 2:
French toast that was made with cinnamon in the mix:

Woke up Sunday with one intention for the day. Celtic Fest at Millennium Park in Chicago!
Prerequisite for a Sunday morning outing, Caribou vanilla latte:
It was a beautiful day and I think the pictures will speak for themselves.
Views around Chicago:

Hilton Chicago showing some Blackhawks love:

Chicago Celtic Fest:

Drinks and Eats
We stopped at the Timothy O’Toole’s booth and picked up some Pulled Pork Sliders w/ Jameson BBQ sauce:

The sliders came with potato chips:

I only ate half a slider because the flavor wasn’t all that impressive. I would have preferred the pork been cooked in the BBQ sauce but instead the sauce was just placed on top of the pork.

The husband picked up these messy looking Irish Nachos. Somewhere under all those peppers, cheese and corn beef is a pile of chips. I think this was Patrick’s favorite meal of the day!

Kettle one cosmo in the park:

After watching the Irish dancing and walking around the park I was hungry.  So we stopped into one of my favorite places, The Gage:

First up, Kettle one cosmo

My favorite fries ever.  They come with a curry dipping sauce that is A-MAZING!

After chowing down on the fries at The Gage it was time to walk home.  I loved seeing all the flowers in bloom:

I had a great weekend, hope yours was great as well!


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