California (food) Dreaming – Part 1

For the last 5 days I‘ve been in California helping my sister move. It was a lot of work but I was rewarded by lots of good food and getting to hang out with my sister.

Let’s take a look at the wonderful Cali foods I was able to sample over the last couple days!

Five Guys

I’ve had five guys in Chicago but my sister and her friend had never had it. A new one in California had just opened so we decided to check it out.

The restaurant was packed. The line to order was long but moved fast. I was very impressed with how well the staff worked.

I ordered the burger and fries. Good as always!

C.B. Hannegan’s

On moving day we stopped for lunch at an Irish pub called C.B. Hannegan’s.

I knew my husband would love this place from the moment I stepped foot in the door. They had scotch hanging from the walls.

The move was a bit stressful (or at least that is my excuse) so I ordered a sugar free redbull and vodka.

A meal of burger and fries. Burger was good but the fries were way to thick for my liking.

Los Gatos Café

The best orange juice I’ve ever had.

I feel in love when I saw one of my options for bread was a warm raspberry coffee cake. Of course I’m going to chose cake over toast! The crumbles on top were delicious.

Souffle omelet with potato’s. The eggs in the omelet were so light and fluffy.

Topped with cheddar cheese and filled with asparagus, broccoli, ground beef and ham. Easily the best omelet to ever pass these lips.

My sister kept telling me how this place was known for the cinnamon rolls. So there was noway we were leaving without trying one.

I thought they would be good but I was shocked when this was delivered to our table:

This thing was huge! It was warm, buttery and topped with yummy frosting!

The portions were huge and I left with plenty of leftovers.

All the hype I heard about Los Gatos cafe was well deserved. I will definitely be heading back here the next time I visit!

Whole Foods

After all the burgers and butter filled breakfasts I was craving a salad. A simple salad that tastes good. Where else would I go but Whole Foods?!? Everyone knows they have the best salad bar ever.

I’m so happy for my sister. She is in the location she always wanted to be in, her dream has come true and I couldn’t be happier for her. She’s worked hard for this and deserves it!

Kellie: I’m happy, excited and so proud of you. Enjoy your new home and hood!


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