Time Flies When Your Old

I remember when I was younger the days seemed to move so slow.

On one specific occasion, when I was about 9, I remember trying to make myself fall asleep so time would fly by. See, I had 2 days to go until my family was headed to a park that had roller coasters and I needed time to move a little faster.

Sadly, these days it seems as though time is moving at warp speed and I just want it to slow down.

So much time spent working and so many things to do around the house leaves very little time for fun stuff! At least I’m pretty good at making the fun times really count 😀


I decided to try one of the lowest calorie breakfast sandwiches at au bon pain this morning.

Turkey, Egg and Cheddar on a Skinny Bagel:

It was an alright sandwich but I prefer ham or sausage on my breakfast sandwiches.


The theme of the week seems to be busy, busy, busy. Way to busy to grab lunch.

Today was no different. All I could manage to get was a packet of White Cheddar Cheez-it:

With a big bottle of water:

Cheez-its were good but not a well rounded lunch. The water was needed – I’ve been dehydrated this week and need to work on getting my water intake up!


Tonight’s dinner was actually part of yesterdays meal that didn’t get eaten.

Black bean soup from Hackney’s:

It was okay. I would have liked a little more kick to the dish. I actually should have added some hot sauce but didn’t think of it until just now 🙁


Does it seem like time flies as you get older?

It sure does to me!!!

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