5411 Empanada

I’ve been loving the food truck movement that has hit Chicago. I think it’s pretty awesome that I can get a variety of delicious food right on the street. I’ll I have to do is find out where the trucks are going to be via Twitter, show up at the location, grab some food and chow down 😀

You know what else I really like, empanadas. I have fond memories of these delicious pockets of goodness ever since my trip to Argentina. Empanadas are the perfect on the go food!

Okay, now try to imagine how happy I was when these two great things were brought together as one:


Oh, yea the 5411 Empanadas truck has made me a very happy girl! Looks like I’m not the only one digging this truck, check out the line of people.

The line is like that from the time they open until they run out of food.

I looked over the menu while waiting my turn:


I was really happy to see the Argentina flag on the truck. This gave me confidence that these were going to be good!


It was finally my turn at the window:


And I placed my order:


Food Truck + Empanadas = Love

Wednesday Eats


I wanted to start my day off with some protein so I got some scrambled eggs topped with hot sauce:



I bet you can guess what I had for lunch. Empanadas of course!


I had two of them:


Both were filled with ham and cheese:


These babies were good and reminded me of the ones I had in Argentina. So excited to have found this food truck. I’m sure you will see these again on VC&C!


Breakfast and lunch lacked veggies but I more than made up for it with dinner. I chopped up 3 peppers, celery, carrots and lots of lettuce for a salad Patrick and I split.


It was really good and exactly what I needed!

Calories: 1681


Have you ever had an empanada?


  • Ingrid

    Hi Tracy,

    I found your blog through KERF, I live in Chicago too! I was wondering about the Empanadas truck, where does it usually park? I adore Empanadas and would like to try theirs.

    Thanks in advance, stay warm!

    • Tracey

      Hi Ingrid – Thanks for stopping by the blog!

      You can check their website or follow them on twitter to find out the truck locations. I think the truck operates Monday – Friday. They also have catering and delivery available!

      You should check out the 5411 website for more detailed information. One thing is for sure…you need to try these empanadas! So good!!!

  • The Candid RD

    I don’t think I’ve EVER had an empanada!! They sound fantastic, and look so ooey and gooey and delicious. I think it would be so fun to start a food truck. Wouldn’t it?! This trend hasn’t quite “hit” Columbus yet, but hopefully soon!

    • Tracey

      You need to try an empanada. They have different fillings and they are oh so good! My favorite is the ham and cheese but I also like the others they have to offer. I want one right now!

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