Let’s Get Organized

I so wish I was one of those super organized individuals.

You know the people that think getting all of their stuff organized is fun and can’t understand why everyone in the world doesn’t feel this way.

I’m actually at the opposite end of the spectrum of an organized person. Everything from my home to my bag is a disorganized mess.

Now, I’m never going to be one of those people that stay in on a Saturday night to organize stuff but I would like to have a little bit of structure in my life.

This, let’s call it, “Tracey Gets Organized” project will not be done in a couple weeks or even a couple months. This project will take me at least a years worth of time if not more.

I wish I could get this goal done by tomorrow but that’s just not going to happen. What can I say – I work full time, I’m a wife, friend and animal owner. Organizing comes after a list of other more important things in my life.

I will make sure to keep everyone updated on my progress. Should be interesting 😉

*Check back for my first organizing post in regards to my work bag.

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