Couple hours in Chicago

Hello everyone!

The day was started off kind of late. I slept in until 11:00 am! I can’t believe I slept that late but I guess my body needed it. When I woke up I had some coffee with peppermint creamer. The taste of the peppermint got me into a bit of the holiday spirit.
After downing my coffee, cleaning up the apartment and walking the dog, the hubby and I headed out for a walk. Check out some of the sights we saw around town:
Trump Tower:
Marina Towers (or as I like to call them, the Corn Cob buildings, because they looks like big corn cobs.):
The Chicago River:
The Wrigley Building (on the left) and the Tribune Building (on the right):
The Wrigley building was all decked out in the Holiday spirit:
Walking down Michigan Avenue was crazy. So many people out shopping and taking advantage of the nice November weather:
The Peninsula hotel had holiday decorations and they were fantastic! This is the hotel my hubby and I stayed at the night of our wedding, very nice hotel:
Christmas tree inside Bloomingdale’s on Michigan avenue:
I love Chicago during this time of year. The city does a great job of decorating and it seems like all the stores go all our as well.
We decided to stop at a new restaurant in the loop, Flat Top Grill. This is an Asian-inspired create-your-own stir-fry restaurant.
This is the bar where you pick what you want to have in your stir-fry. The bar included everything from rice, noddles, broccoli, carrots, peppers (all kinds), bamboo shoots, pea pods, mushrooms, tons of sauces and a big selection of meat. Plus a ton of other stuff I didn’t even mention!
A look at the dining room. I loved all the red, orange and yellow colors. Plus the art work on the walls were all Chicago related and explained how to order your stir-fry.
The menu:
Instructions on how to order, believe me it is needed and very helpful!:
Once you figure out how to order your food you go up to the bar and select what you want included in your stir-fry:
Next, you drop your bowl of ingredients off at the grill:
The grill masters work their magic and you get a fantastic bowl of food dropped of at your table. However, in my case I got 3 (small) bowls, did I forget to mention it is all you can eat?. Shh don’t tell anyone I ate so much food.
I changed up the bowls between rice and noodles. My veggies were pretty much the same every time. Broccoli, green peppers, red peppers, snow peas and asparagus. Take a look at this food:
All of the dishes I had were really good and the bread they give you is made with your order. I will be going back to this place, no doubt about it!
What puts you in the holiday spirit?
Walking around Chicago and looking at all the decorations totally puts me in the holiday spirit.


  • Emily

    ooh, I love places where you can pick out your own veggies and such! (but all you can eat sounds good to me! 😉 )
    I was def in the holiday spirit the other day and put out some decorations and played some holiday music!

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