Not a very healthy day

I woke up so late today, tends to happen when I take NyQuil the night before. I can’t wait for this cough to be gone so I can sleep at night.

Once I woke up I didn’t have enough time to fix breakfast so I grabbed a left over cookie from last night.
I got to work and made myself a cup of hot tea. I’m really liking the Tazo Awake tea, it helps keep me alert and is nice to drink on a cold morning.
I wasn’t hungry for lunch but I did snack on a piece of German chocolate provided to me by a co-worker. It was a really smooth chocolate and tasted great.
Once I got home I was starving. I new this would happen since I didn’t have time to eat lunch today. The first thing I did when arriving home was make a salad of lettuce and black olives.
Then I ate a burrito ordered for me by my husband. He got the burritos from one of my favorite Mexican joints, Flaco’s Tacos. My ground beef, cheese, sour cream and potato burrito was amazing and totally hit the hungry spot in my stomach!
Tomorrow I will try to be a tad bit more healthy in my food choices. Shouldn’t be all that hard 😉


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