Phone Photo Friday

Today I decided to do all my pictures with my phone. No I didn’t forget my camera, just trying to see what all my camera can do.

This morning I woke up relatively early, got ready in about 10 minutes, walked the dog and jumped on the bus to get to work. As I was waiting for the bus it hit me how cold it has gotten. I totally need to get my winter coat out of storage, soon!

Once I got to my desk I made myself some Tazo Awake tea. My thought was it would help me wake up as well as get warm.

My breakfast consisted of an Odwalla Banana Nut bar. If you haven’t tried these I would run out and get one right away. They are delicious.

Here is a picture of the actual bar:

Around 11:00am my husband surprised me with a Starbucks vanilla latte at my desk. This was greatly appreciated and I must say he is the only person who is able to order my Starbucks drink just the way I like it!

I didn’t get hungry for lunch until later in the afternoon. Once I did need something to eat the cafeteria was closed so I had to make due with something in the local store. With no healthy choices in sight I ended up with this:

Yep, not the most nutritious lunch but if you look really close you can see what is supposed to be peas and carrots! Those have to count for something, right?

My friend and I decided to get a couple drinks after work. We stopped at The Martini Bar and caught up on some girl talk. I had two drinks, started off with the pumpkin spice martini and ended with a Kettle one cosmo.

Martini’s are so pretty!
Not sure what is for dinner but I’m sure it will be good!

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