Wedding Photos and Cocktails

After work my husband and I grabbed a drink at a cute little restaurant. I ordered a kettle one cosmo:

Once we finished our drinks we walked over to the photography studio to pick up our wedding proofs. We were married the beginning of October so I was very excited to get my hands on these babies! Now all we have to do is narrow down 700 pictures to 40, this may take some time.
After the photography appointment we went to a little Italian restaurant, Tutto Italiano Ristorante. The place was very cute. We ate inside an old rail car!
Outside view:

Inside view:

Our table (don’t mind the pile of coats, like I said, it was cold in Chicago today):

I ordered pasta marinara with meatballs. The meatballs were VERY good!
Let’s take a closer look:
I just love Italian food!
What is your favorite Italian dish?
My favorite is simply spaghetti and marinara sauce.


  • Lu

    My favorite Italian dish is gnocchi with meat sauce. I love the little potato puffs. Your dinner looks great. I love Ketel One Cosmos. Yum.

  • Emily

    Hmmm, favorite Italian? I think I would have to go with risotto! Your pasta looks great though! I'm sure I would be happy with that! 🙂

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