Well the Weather Outside is Frightful…

What a brutal morning!

Woke up to cold temp with a sleet and rain mixture falling from the sky. Oh, and the wind, the wind was completely out of control! My poor dog was outside doing his business and the wind blew him over. Needless to say he was not too happy!

On the way into work my husband and I stopped at Starbucks. I ordered my Skinny Vanilla Latte and it was perfect for this type of weather.

Lunch was just okay and for the calories I spent, it should have been a lot better. Lesson learned on my part. I had a pasta dish of bow tie pasta, chicken, garlic, peas and broccoli. The sauce was a little bit of alfredo sauce and pesto.

After work we went to Ceres to have a drink. This was a celebration drink because my husband completed an important work milestone! He is all kinds of awesome.

How do you celebrate the milestones in your life?


  • Tracey @ TropicalHappiness

    Congrats to your husband! My husband and I usually do the same- we go out for a drink or to dinner to celebrate special occasions!
    Do you two work together?

  • Lu

    Starbucks rocks. I celebrate by buying myself stuff. Hello, my name is Lu. I'm a purse addict. I used to celebrate with food, so I guess it's an improvement. 🙂

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