Baby, it’s cold outside

This morning was another cold one. So cold that my other dog, who has a lot of fur, even needed to wear a coat.

Once I got to work I needed to warm up so I headed straight for the hot chocolate. I can’t even remember the last time I had hot cocoa. Totally did the trick.
Hot chocolate wasn’t going to wake me up so I needed some serious caffeine. I decided on a Rockstar, zero carb of course.

To eat I had a Chobani pomegranate yogurt.

And added granola. I’m in love with this breakfast.

However, I did have a couple tater tots. I didn’t eat all that you see here, just a few.
I heated up some of the Orzo soup I made the other day. I did add more broth, garlic and cayenne pepper to the mix.
It was really good. I’m going to make this again but with more veggies and less Orzo.
What do you grab to warm you up in the winter months?
I go for soup. It is so comforting and warm, yum!


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