2020 – What a Year….

Well life certainly threw us all a curve ball over the last year.

2020 certainly has not gone the way I thought it would but I’m pretty certain I’m not the only one thinking that way.

I could go on and on about all the less than stellar things that have taken place but, again, I think we all know what the majority of that list would contain.

Instead I’m going to talk a little about the positive aspects I’ve experience over the last year:

  • Spending quality time with my husband and dogs
    • I will cherish the time I’ve been able to spend with my husband and dogs.  Whether it be lounging on the couch watching TV, eating meals together or just sitting around hanging out.  Its been great!  Don’t get me wrong we occasionally need our alone time but for the majority of the time we like being around each other.
  • Virtual Tours
    • Such a great concept to have virtual tours.  Just because travel has come to a halt (for the majority of us) doesn’t mean we can’t visit a museum, theme park or landmarks from all over the world.  Some popular virtual tours are The Louvre, Disney World, Guggenheim, Eiffel Tower, The MET, Great Wall of China along with many other places.  Do yourself a favor and google “virtual tours” to find something that may peak your interest!
  • Having a job with a company that is making safety a priority and allowing me to work from home
    • I am SO thankful to have a job right now so that I can keep my family housed, fed and safe during these unusual times.  I’m exceptionally thankful that my company has taken the huge step to let us work from home until its safe for everyone to return to the office.
  • Communicating with family more now than prior to lockdown
    • I find myself communicating with my family more now than prior to lockdown in a large part due to technology.  Even though we all live states apart we are able to talk, at all hours, either by phone, text or video.  This is something that will continue until the day comes when we can actually be with each other in person.  Hopefully very soon!
  • Being able to take a good look at my life and realize what is important (Family, health, peace of mind)
    • Having the time to sit with my own thoughts without any distraction from the outside world has helped me realize what is really important to me.  Having gone through 2020 and the lock downs has taught me to never take for granted the ability to be around my family and friends.  When we are finally able to travel I will make sure to spend quality time with my family.  This is something I will not take for granted ever again.
  • Discovering TikTok and enjoying the laughs it brings
    • Ok, this one is kinda silly but I had to include it.  I signed onto TikTok a couple months ago and I have since spent many a moments laughing until I cried.  Laughter is greatly needed, especially during the last year.
  • Sweatpants and t-shirts have become 100% fashionably acceptable
    • Just to be honest I always thought sweatpants and t-shirts were acceptable attire to wear throughout the day.  Heck I would even throw in some pajamas I’ve seen.  However, I do love that most everyone has come around to the cozy clothes 24/7 mindset!
  • Appreciation of Essential Workers
    • This was really great to see not just in America but all over the world.  People taking the time to appreciate nurses and doctors and all other health care workers who risked their lives to help so many people.  The grocery store workers, truck drivers, delivery people and many more who risked their lives to help.  Appreciation was shown in many ways such as yard signs, meals delivered to local hospitals, thank you letters, light shows and clapping in cities and many more.

The above is just a sampling of the positive of 2020.  Looking forward to see what 2021 has in store!


What is something positive you witnessed in 2020?


“Look for something positive in each day, even if some days you have to look a little harder.” – Unknown.





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