Pops for Champagne and Webber Grill

What a great night and a much needed night! My friends and I decided to go out for drinks to celebrate the holiday’s. We started off at a place that I really like, Pops for Champagne. If you are a champagne lover, as I am, you will really enjoy this place. The space is well laid out and decorated exactly like you would think a champagne bar should be decorated. The staff is extremely knowledgeable and willing to help the customers.
A look at the bar, the screen you see is not showing television shows but does show some menu options.

The girls and I decide our first bottle would be Jean Vesselle Prestige Grand Gru. We decided on this bottle due to the recommendation of our waitress. Everyone loved the fruity flavor!
My first glass*:

After the first bottle we decided we should get some food. And the food we decided on was scrumptious.
Here is a look at the mustard popcorn and it was tasty!

And the mouth watering good Croque Monsieur. This is a hot classic French ham and cheese sandwich with mornay sauce. We split this sandwich between four ladies and we all wanted more!

For our second bottle of champagne I picked out the Henriot Brut Souverain. This champagne was not as fruity as the first but I really did enjoy it.
Here is our waitress holding the bottle:

Just a picture of the lonely corks hanging from the empty ice bucket at the end of the night:(

Once we had our fill of champagne we headed to Weber Grill. The first thing I ordered was a drink they are known for, Pomegranate Vanilla Cosmopolitan. I wasn’t sure what to expect of the drink but it was very good!
For dinner I split the Weber Classic burger with my friend. We had Cheddar cheese on the burger and split the side order of fries.
Dessert consisted of a Kettle One Cosmo:
And a much needed side salad. This salad was anything but a “side” salad, the thing was huge! It has a corn vinaigrette dressing and I loved every bit of it.

As you can see this was not the healthiest of nights. But, sometimes you just need to let loose and have a martini and salad for dessert 😉
* If you notice the shape of the champagne glass you will see that it curves in at the top. This is important because that curve keeps the champagne bubbles from escaping.

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