Better late than never

So, last night was not the greatest of nights for me. I was feeling kind of blah. I don’t know what it is but I’m just not into the holiday spirit this year. It is just really sad for me. I spent last night sulking and trying to figure out how to get the Christmas spirit back into my life. I guess we all know it didn’t involve blogging 😉 So let’s play catch up.

Monday Dinner

So last night I had a repeat of one of my favorite Mexican restaurants. We had Flaco’s Taco’s delivered! I had the beef burrito, I just LOVE how it comes with potato’s:
Of course I had a side of jalapeno hot sauce:
After the fantastic burrito I dug into this piece of red velvet cake. Every time I order from this place I have to get a piece of this cake!
Not the most nutritious of dinners but I was a little sad and needed some comfort food and this tasted oh so good!

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