Christmas Eve Traditions

This is the first year that my husband and I are spending the Christmas holiday as husband and wife. It is also the first Christmas that we are not with our families. Feels strange but we are making it work.

I must say the first obstacle was a success. See, my family always has chili on Christmas Eve and his family always has hot dogs. So we sort of compromised.
When I got home from work I ran to the grocery store to pick up the fixin’s for my dad’s chili. Once home from the store I started cooking away while my husband wrapped my gifts 🙂
I had 1 bowl of chili:
And jalapeno Scoops for dipping, if you haven’t had these chips you really should try them. They are great!
I think I did a pretty good job with the chili and embracing my families traditions. But nothing is better than having my dad make it on Christmas Eve!
I embraced my families tradition and now it was time to embrace my husbands. I had a hot dog with mustard and sometimes I dipped it in my chili.
To wash everything down I had a HUGE jug of water. I’ve been so dehydrated lately due to the dry apartment and all the holiday drinks ;/
My husband opted to observe both of the families traditions by putting chili on top of his hot dogs. Here is a look at his plate:
He had 3 hot dogs with mustard, onion and chili! He totally loved it!
I do believe chili and hot dogs on Christmas Eve is a tradition we can both get behind! It is so fun starting our family and making our own traditions!
What traditions do you have around the holidays?
Happy Holiday’s everyone and you better get to sleep or else Santa might not visit 😉


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