Cheese, Cocktails and Perogi

My husband had a hard day today. When he came home we sat at the table and had some of our favorite snacks and a drink while we talked about the day.

KerryGold Aged Cheddar, Roasted Garlic Triscuits and Vlasic Hot Jalapeno Slices. We stack all 3 ingredients, put them in our mouths and chew. So good!
The KerryGold Aged Cheddar is definitely my favorite cheese. Everyone should try it!

To help wash down the snack I had a Captain Morgan Diet Coke cocktail:

We started off dinner with the famous sausage bread. We took a bag of these from my mother-in-laws house before we left Michigan. These are a tradition that I really enjoy. I think they are sausage, cheese and some other secret ingredients piled on bread. My mother-in-law did all the hard work so all I had to do today was pop them in the oven and eat!

mmmm … I like sausage bread:)

The second and final part of our dinner consisted of potato perogi with cajun seasoning sprinkled on top:

After dinner and a little more talking we watched some no brain television. The line up included, The Little Couple, One Big Happy Family, Family Guy and something on the History channel.
Dinner consumed, quality time with family, dogs walked and fed, TV watched. At this time one of our little dogs was trying to tell us one more thing was needed:

How do you unwind after a difficult day?
I like to talk things over with my husband. He gives me a good perspective on whatever is going on. I also know he will be honest with me.
Until tomorrow!


  • eaternotarunner

    That sausage bread does look pretty awesome!

    You should try kale chips! I wouldn't say they are like a potato chip or anything but they are crispy and have a good roasting flavor….definitely good if you like roasted veggies.

  • Gina

    I can usually tell when Nick has had a rough day. Sometimes he likes to talk about it, other times he doesn't. When he does though, we turn off the tv, and sit on the couch and chat. We sometimes split a tasty beer, and the conversation ends in laughter as we talk about our days and figure out solutions to our problems/issues.

    I saw your picture of Captain Morgan and diet coke and I have to admit, I hate it!! You want to know why? It was the first alcoholic beverage I drank in my life, and got sick from….ugh!! Memories….

    Perogies are another memory of mine. My mom used to buy the frozen ones all the time and I LOVED them! They are really good with a nice tomato sauce on top. I need to get those again!

  • Erica

    Sounds like a fabulous way to unwind from the day. Love pierogies- sooo delicious. And that sausage bread is something Josh would inhale!! I like to workout and eat something comforting (like soup, stew, chili, or acorn squash) when I feel the need to unwind 🙂

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