Starbucks, Soup and Ceres

Another Monday. I’m not very fond of Monday’s if you haven’t been able to tell in my previous posts. I like to treat myself to a Starbucks latte on this particular day of the week. Is lessons the pain;)
I knew this Monday was going to be a hard one due to the holidays and the fact that I will be on vacation starting Friday! So I treated myself to an extra special treat, a 3 shot espresso latte:
Totally helped me focus on the tasks I needed to complete at work. Thank you Starbucks!
I had a bowl of ginger chicken with brown rice soup:

Happy Hour
To celebrate the end of Monday, Patrick and I went to Ceres and had a drink. I of course had Captain Morgan with a side of diet coke:
To eat I had this delicious salad. I don’t think I talked to my husband for 10 straight minutes because for those 10 minutes, the salad below was my life!

Oh man, I could totally eat another one of these babies:

I also had a cup of cream of chicken rice soup. I really like to eat soup when it is freezing outside. Which is pretty much anytime during the months of December – February in Chicago! I love this soup because the chicken is shredded!

Ceres is a place my husband and I really like. I’ve talked about it a couple times so I thought I would share some pictures of the interior.
Here is the bar:

The bar in the background and one of the dinning areas:

I must let you know that on Monday’s this place is not packed. But come Thursday and Friday the place is packed!
My husband loves the dark wood, booths and art deco decor:

Hope everyone had a fantastic Monday!
What is your favorite coffee drink?
Mine, for sure, is a skinny vanilla latte with no foam! Love it!

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  • Jill@QuarterLifeWellness

    I LOVE Skinny Cinnamon Dolce Lattes.

    I also love that you and your hubby have a happy hour spot, I want that when I graduate and get a real job!! 🙂

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