Worst Breakfast EVER!

I woke up bright and early Saturday morning so that I could get to the airport for my flight. We got to the airport with plenty of time to spare so my husband and I decided to grab a bite to eat for Breakfast. I was totally excited to sit down and eat at the airport especially since we spotted a Chili’s. I can’t remember the last time I ate at a Chili’s but what I do remember is it was good!


I ordered an OJ:

The special which included pancakes, potato, eggs and sausage:

This meal was nothing special. It was disgusting. I played around with my food and took a couple bites but, in the end, I couldn’t even pretend to eat it.

My plate after:

Not only was the food disgusting but the service was seriously lacking. I’m not stupid enough to think that airport food is going to be fantastic but I do expect a certain level of service, especially in an airport. When people are in an airport they are on a time schedule and I think the servers need to be attentive to that. Well, our server was not aware of anything. Needless to say this will be our last stop at the location!


I was starving once we go on the plane so I ordered some lunch around 11:30 am. On the plane they were sold out of almost everything so I ordered a anti-pasta plate. It included some dill cheese, a couple slices salomi, bread sticks and green olives:

To drink I ordered a champagne to kick off my vacation:

My husband and I split the organic snack box which was pretty good:

Below is a picture of an island I saw outside my plane window on the way to St. Maarten!

I’ve been having a great time in St. Maarten and can’t wait to share it all with everyone! I will be one busy blogging lady when I get back home:)


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