Food Roundup + Blog Game Plan

I’m back in Chicago and while it is good to be home, I really wish I was still on vacation! I have so much stuff to catch everyone up on but I’m going to start with what I’ve eaten since being home.
Our first morning home we went to a great breakfast place called Bongo Room. The menu was so inventive and the food was A-mazing!
The restaurant was packed so we waited about 45 minutes to get a table. However, the wait flew by due to the coffee bar located right when you walk in the door to the restaurant.

I took the liberty of ordering a vanilla latte:
So good and I dig how they served it:


Once we were seated I ordered some fresh squeezed OJ:

And a wonderful croissant sandwich. The sandwich consisted of a grilled croissant with melted muenster & crisp bacon with one over easy egg & hash browns:

Then I had my dessert breakfast;)
Red Velvet Hotcakes
Chocolatey cocoa flavored hotcakes topped with warm vanilla creme & toasted crushed walnuts (freakin’ amazing):

I should also note that I did not eat everything on these plates;) I just had to try each of them!
I had the same thing for dinner on Sunday and lunch on Monday. Tomato juice, shell noodles, dried onion, garlic and pepper. This dinner is something I’ve had since I was a little girl and it is big time comfort food for me!

Monday’s dinner was a repeat order from Flaco’s Tacos. A beef and potato burrito:
Okay, so I need a blog post game plan. I’ve been out of the posting game for about a week and have slacked off on my blogging. So, I’m going to post my usual blog posts everyday but I will also be doing a post of St. Maarten for the next week. So be on the look out for lots of sunny beach photos!
I’m off to start catching up on all the blog reading I’ve been missing out on!
Blog at ya later!


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