Monday Bites

Yet another Monday morning. Nothing exciting about that but what was exciting was trying a new flavor Glo Bar.


Dark Chocolate Roasted Coffee! Delicious!


The Glo bar did a great job of satisfying my hunger so I didn’t need lunch until after 1:00.

A little pasta salad:

A cup of Ginger Brown Rice Chicken soup:

The soup was okay. I mostly ate the liquid and not the chicken.


I got home around 6:00. After cleaning up the kitchen and chatting with Patrick I was ready for some dinner.

I poured myself a glass of white wine while I prepared the food. This is a bottle of pinot grigio that we bought at Trader Joe’s. The price is right and the taste is good, can’t beat that!

I started off dinner with a salad of romaine lettuce, sunflower seeds, parm cheese and a vinaigrette. Good of course!

Tonight’s main coarse was pasta and marinara sauce. Simple, good and easy to clean up;)

So that was the recap of Monday’s eats. Everything was pretty boring except for the Glo Bar!


Do you ever decide what to make for dinner based on how long it will take to clean up after?

I do!


  • Jessica @ Dairy Free Betty

    I don't… I cook… D cleans!! It's a beautiful arrangement! 🙂

    Although I do clean up sometimes on my own… I don't want to make him mad!! haha

  • Erica

    YUM! That glo bar sounds amazingggggg. Great day of eats overall. I def will adjust my dinner plans based on both prep and clean up if I'm having a busy day. Hope you have a good one

  • Kristen @ Change of Pace

    I am the master of making dinner with minimal clean up. I line everything with foil! Haha maybe not everything. I definitely do try to make the least amount of mess that I can.

    I've been seeing those glo bars all over the blog world. Did you order it or find it in a store?

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