Presidents Day = Lou Mitchell’s

Did everyone have a happy presidents day? I know I did because I had the day off work and was able to hang with my husband and dogs!
I’m so happy to say that my little Capster is feeling much better today. He is able to move without whimpering and that makes me 100% happy:)
For awhile now Patrick and I have wanted to try breakfast at Lou Mitchell’s. Lou Mitchell’s was founded in 1923 and is an old school diner. We never new when to go because we heard on the weekends they are packed and I don’t like waiting in lines;) So we thought we would take advantage of presidents day and try out this Chicago landmark!
A view from the inside:
I started off with a cup of coffee with a splash of fresh pure cream. I also received a box of Milk Duds which are handed out to children and ladies.
I ordered a fluffy ham and cheese omelet made with farm fresh eggs! This omelet was seriously A-mazing. It really makes a big difference when fresh ingredients are used when preparing a meal.
The omelet came with a side of freshly made bread. I chose rye and it was really good. I love that they make all their bread and pastries on-site fresh everyday.
Lou Mitchell’s is known for pancakes. We very well couldn’t leave without trying them so we ordered a plate to share. One word will explain = Wonderful!
The pancakes were topped with Lou Mitchell’s own maple syrup. Love the jug it comes in;)
After the meal each person gets a free scoop of ice cream. Now, I’m not used to eating ice cream after breakfast but who am I to mess with tradition?!?
After eating our huge breakfast we decided we needed to “walk it off” – or – at least attempt to. We took a stroll through Chicago’s Union Station. It’s so cool to imagine all the people who have passed through this space and the lives each one of them lived.
It’s a really beautiful space with tons of history!
I made some chicken soup for dinner. I won’t say it was homemade but it didn’t come out of a can:)
Started off by boiling some celery and carrots for about 15 minutes.

I made some homemade dumplings.

Cooked up some barilla pasta. Little tiny bow-tie noodles that are fun and perfect for soup.
Put all ingredients in a pot with chicken broth and let it heat up.

Once it was heated up I made myself a bowl.
So good! The spices I put into the soup were really flavorful. I used cayenne pepper, salt and white pepper. White pepper is something new to my spice cabinet and I definitely have a crush on it. The flavor it gives food is amazing!

I had a piece of buttered Italian bread, on the side, to dip into the broth.

My beverage of choice was a Shirley temple. I used to love these as a kid. And guess what, I love them as an adult too!

This was a day filled with great food and bonding time with my husband.

What was your favorite beverage as a child?
Mine was a Shirley temple because it always made me feel all grown up. Now I like it because it makes me feel like a kid again. Go figure!

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  • foodexerciseexpress

    I really wanna check out Lou Mitchell's if you get ice cream and milk duds!! 🙂 My favorite beverage as a child would be chocolate milk or nonalcoholic fruity drinks from the county fair

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