St. Patrick’s Day – Catch up!

Wow, I’m so behind in my posting. I have all these ideas in my head for posts but am having trouble finding the time to actually type them out. The plan is to get caught up on the food posts today and tomorrow and then dive into some of the ideas I have!

Wednesday (aka…St. Patrick’s day)

What a great day! I love it when I’m able to take a vacation day and just chill at home with the dogs and watch lifetime movies. That is exactly what my day consisted of and I loved it, so relaxing:)


Breakfast was non-existent but lunch was something simple I’d been craving for along time.

Started off with these huge cucumbers:

Sliced em’ up:

Added a small bowl of light sour cream mixed with Hidden Valley ranch dressing packet:

I used to eat this as a meal ALL the time. I just don’t like how expensive the cucumber are. These babies were over 2 dollars each! You will see a lot more of these on the blog once they start going on sale again.

I washed down my lunch with a Shirley Temple:

Shirley Temples always remind me on when I was a little girl. Whenever my parents would take me to a “fancy” restaurant, like Pizza Hut, they would order my “fancy” drink, a Shirley Temple. I love thinking about good memories!


Around 3:00 I went to the grocery store to pick up some items we needed for our St. Patrick’s day meals. I must say it is so much more pleasant going grocery shopping during the day than after work. It was not as crowded as usual and I was able to take my time and actually find everything I needed.

After shopping I grabbed a grande iced skinny vanilla latte:

I was so excited that the weather was nice enough for me to order an iced coffee from my beloved Starbucks!!!


Once Patrick came home from work he fixed me his famous Pamatini:

and a plate of KerryGold reduced fat Irish Cheddar Cheese with Cracked Black Pepper Triscuit:

I sipped on my cocktail and nibbled on my cheese and crackers while fixing dinner.


Dinner was a meat mixture wrapped in cabbage leaves topped with sauerkraut:

Here is a look at the inside of the cabbage roll. This is a meal my family would eat when I was a kid so it was fun to recreate it for my husband!


Healthy version of Irish Soda bread. I let this cook while we ate dinner and once it came out of the oven I sliced a piece for my husband and I. Patrick had his plain and really liked it. I added a smear of Pomegranate Jelly to mine and it was delicious.

The Boys

We like to celebrate with our boys so on holidays they get special treats, just like us! For St. Patrick’s day they got little doggie peanut butter cups.

Cap enjoying his treat while keeping an eye on me to make sure I don’t steal it:

Solera chomping away, FULLY enjoying the peanut butter cup with not a care in the world:

A very nice evening was had by all! I love nights like this!


For those of you with pets, do you give them special treats on the holiday’s? If yes, what kind of treats do they get?

My dogs like bully sticks they best! Sometimes we switch it up on them and get peanut butter cups or lamb. We buy all the treats from a dog store so we know our guys are safe!


  • Emily (A Nutritionist Eats)

    That Pamatini looks so pretty with the sugar rim!
    (Your Irish dinner sounds really good too – I pretty much love anything with saurkraut on it!)

  • Jessie

    Looks like your dogs are loving their treats! We definitely give our dogs treats – and definitely not just on holidays! I'm trying not to spoil my puppy, but I haven't been doing a very good job so far.

    $2 a cucumber?? I love cucumbers, but that's robbery! I'd send you some of our 50cent ones, but I think they would arrive all mushy 😛

    Have a nice Sunday!

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