Shopping and Prepping

So much going on and not enough time to blog.

I spent the last week in California with my sister and husband.  My sister was nice enough to offer up her house for Thanksgiving and my husband was nice enough to be the Chef with my sister and I as Sous Chefs 😉

Last Tuesday was spent waking up way to early, taking the dogs to the kennel, catching a cab to the airport, experiencing a horrible flight and landing safely in California.

Tuesday was the disignated travel day which meant Wednesday was the shopping and prepping for Thanksgiving day!


Before the day of shopping began I needed breakfast.  I knew exactly where I wanted to go, Los Gatos Cafe!  Back in August I feel in love with the meal I had here and new I needed to experience it again 🙂

Latte and fresh squeezed OJ:

Raspberry coffee cake instead of toast.  Love this option:

Hash-browns and a repeat of my original omelet:

Shopping and Prepping

My belly was very happy so it was time to hit the 3 grocery stores.  We beat the crowds, spent all our money and brought home our goods:

Patrick got busy with the brine bath for the Turkey:

cinnamon roasted walnuts:

and cranberry sauce:

Patrick was a cooking machine so he deserved to have one of his favorite meals for dinner.  Pizza!!!


My sister suggested we order from Pizza My Heart:

I opted for a broccoli and garlic pizza while the rest of the family shared a meaty pizza:

The broccoli was amazing but the pizza was really heavy on the garlic.  I am a big time garlic lover so I was shocked that I couldn’t eat more than 1 slice because the garlic was SO overpowering!

A busy, busy day but it was nothing compared to the next day (Thanksgiving).  Patrick worked his tush off and everything turned out fantastic.  Check back soon for all the details 🙂


What is the name of your favorite place to order pizza?

Mine is Big Fred’s.  Great double crust pizza and it holds a ton of memories for me.

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  • Gillian Young

    That pizza looks amazing! I don’t think I’ve ever found anything with too much garlic…mind you I ate a whole head of roasted garlic with my lunch today! Hahah my poor coworkers 🙁

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