Holiday Picture – December 20, 2010

Sunday night Patrick and I headed over to the Kenmore Live Studio to watch a cooking demonstration featuring the stars of Wicked!

Of course I went around the place taking pictures of the holiday decorations 🙂  Don’t worry I paid attention to the cooking too 😉

I thought it was really fun how they hung a picture wrapped up as a present.  This would be so easy to do and I just might copy the idea next year.  I also liked the lights thrown on the back of the couch:

Light bulb ornaments hanging from the ceiling and sparkly tree shaped structures on the tables:

A tricked out, energy efficient (can you spot the wind turbine?) ginger bread house:

I liked how the decorations were clean looking and not in your face.  I also liked how they used colors other than red and green.

Fun event + Fun decorations = Fun night!

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