Holiday Picture – December 22, 2010

This is a repeat of a holiday post from last year.  I wasn’t able to get around and see all the decorations in Chicago this year so I decided to post my favorite trees from last year!

2009 Rosebud Tree

This was the first time I stepped foot in Rosebud restaurant and I have to say it was so full of the holiday spirit. I couldn’t help but smile from the first sight of it.

This tree was the first thing I saw when approaching Rosebud:

Once I walked in the door I was greeted by three more trees!

Here is a look at the inside. The entire place was done up in dark wood and red, a very elegant setting.

After I walked in and did my fair share of gawking I took a seat at the bar. Once sitting at the bar this is the view I had:

A big Christmas tree outside the bar window. My husband and I will be going back and getting some dinner at this place. So festive!

Update:  Unfortunately my husband and I have yet to go back to this restaurant but it’s still on my foodie bucket list!

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