Holiday Picture – December 31, 2010

One of my favorite parts of Christmas morning has always been the stocking.  When I was little I would hang up my stocking on Christmas eve and magically it would be stuffed with all kinds of goodies when I woke up in the morning 🙂

I was so excited to find out that Patrick’s family has a Christmas stocking tradition.  Everyone in his family has these fantastic homemade stockings and since I married into the family I got one too!!!  My mother in-law is so creative and talented when it comes to making, well, pretty much anything.  But, she knocked it out of the galaxy when she made my stocking!

My stocking turned out better than I could have imagined:

My name at the top with sparkles on it:

Nebraska football helmet because I’m obsessed:

Rhythmic gymnast because I spent the majority of my time as a kid training in this sport:

Holly because it’s Christmas:

A birkin bag and shoes because I love both!

Isn’t my stocking the greatest!  Don’t be jealous, all you have to do is marry into the family and you too can have a similar stocking 😉


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