Random Eats

This week has been a weird one.  The blizzard in the middle of the week really threw me for a loop as far as getting things done.  I pretty much felt like this little guy, all week long:

When I’m tired and worn out things tend to not get done.  However, food is one thing that always gets “done”.  Let’s take a look at what’s been cooking/eaten over the last couple days!


Patrick and I spent this day working at home since we were still in the middle of the 3rd largest snowstorm in Chicago history.  I started the day off with a very simple but tasty breakfast of toast with vanilla agave nectar and a sprinkling of cinnamon:

and a mug full of orange juice:

Once the snow stopped we ventured out to snap a few pictures of the winter wonderfest:

Example of how high some of the snow piles were (please excuse the wind blown hair … eek!):

Can you see the bike handle-bars sticking out of the snow?  I think these people are going to have to wait until the snow melts, in August, to be able to ride their bikes again 😉

Besides looking at all the snow we stopped at subway to grab some lunch.  I had a spicy italian sub:

We didn’t feel like cooking for dinner and pretty much all the restaurants were closed so we opted for easy to make and not at all good for you pizza rolls:

After eating my not so healthy dinner, above, I had an Adora calcium disk in hopes of getting in good with the nutrient gods 😉


Started off with some not so good oatmeal:

But things turned around with dinner.  Homemade veggie noodle soup with half a grilled turkey and cheddar cheese sandwich.  Both were excellent and perfect for the super cold weather we’ve been having.  I will be sharing this recipe in the near future.

Friday Extravagance

Started off with my favorite oatmeal topped with peanut butter from Potbelly and a Root Beer to drink:

Word of advice:  Don’t walk around your office drinking from root beer in a bottle.  I got lots of funny looks because people thought I was drinking actual beer at work 😉

Friday at lunch Patrick and I went to Ditka’s.  I enjoyed a cup of fantastic chicken noodle soup and chopped salad.

With the biggest sliders I’ve ever seen topped with ketchup, mustard, onion and pickle.

And you can’t go to Ditka’s without getting their Chocolate cake.  This cake is no joke.  Not only does it taste delicious and rich but it can easily be shared with an entire table of people.

Now I must let you know that these pictures do not do the food justice.  I WILL be returning to Ditka’s to get better photos and to give it the review post it deserves.

Patrick and I normally get a cocktail on Friday nights after work.  Since I’m not drinking booze right now I decided to get tea, at the Marriott, while he enjoyed his cocktail.  I thought I would just be getting a cup of tea but instead I got this fancy set-up below:

It included a cup and saucer, tea pot full of hot water, half lemon, 2 packets of fancy tea, little jar of honey and 2 little cookies.  All of this for $5.00!  Good tea service plus low cost makes Tracey a happy girl 😀

Short rib, horseradish white cheddar cheese, parsley and arugula flat-bread to share with Patrick:

After my lovely tea service Patrick and I headed home to share a plate of our favorite snack.  Kerry Gold Aged Cheddar, Garlic Triscuits and pickled jalapenos!

Phew … I think I’m all caught up now!  If you actually read this entire post, I applaud and thank you 😉  It was a long one.

Hope you all had a fabulous week of eats!


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