Lessons Learned

A week under my belt of trying to lose some pounds and I’ve learned a couple things.

  • Water will be my best friend on this weight loss journey. Everyone knows water is good for a person but it’s really great at keeping me full!
  • Cocktails are really high in calories. Duh! I need to limit my intake because after one cocktail it’s way to easy to have a second and then it’s even easier to order pizza.
  • Oatmeal and peanut butter are a great start to the day. Tastes good and keeps me full well into lunch time!
  • Plan, plan, plan! Know what I’m eating for the entire day before the day begins. This allows me to plan for the occasional cocktail or cupcake 🙂

I know I have a lot more to learn throughout the next couple months but I think I’m off to a pretty good start.

    Monday Eats


    Monday mornings are hectic for me. This one was so busy I had no time to grab anything for breakfast. No food, coffee or water 🙁


    I yet again made up for my lack of breakfast by ordering my Freshii Spicy Chicken Soup:


    Full of noodles:


    I also tried a Izze Sparkling Blackberry which was SO good. Very refreshing and will be great on the (hopefully) hot summer days.


    This is sure to become a summer treat for me.

    I also had a bite of some not so great frozen yogurt 🙁


    It is so important for Monday night dinner to be easy and tasty. Can’t get easier than pulling something out of the freezer. The husband and I shared a box of Mrs. T’s pierogi with a bit of Cajun seasoning sprinkled on top:


    A small bowl of Sunday nights chili:


    And a sprite and vanilla vodka cocktail on the side:


    Patrick added a light up ice cube:


    I only drank about 1/3 of the cocktail but I left the light a blinkin’ all night long!

    Calories: 1392


    Do you guys have any advice on what foods will help me feel full without packing a huge calorie punch?


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