What is it Wednesday? – Protein Powder

What it looks like?

What is it?

Daily protein intake is essential for a human body because that is what muscles and tissues are built from and there is no place that the body can store extra protein.  Protein powders are an easy and fast way to get that daily protein.

Often times when people hear about protein powder they think about body builders or people who are trying to bulk up. However, protein powder can be beneficial to anyone whose diet is lacking in the protein department (my hand is raised).

Protein powders are made from 4 different sources: whey, soy, rice and egg. These sources are processed into a powder that can be added into liquid.

Health benefits?

Some people say protein powder can boost immune system health, promote healthy skin, help heal wounds in addition to helping muscle strength. However, it is important to point out that excess protein can be unhealthy.

How to use it?

Protein powder can be added to water, milk or fruit juices to make a shake. You can also get creative and add the powder to different foods. For example: sprinkled onto cereal, added to oatmeal, stirred into stews or cooked into baked goods.

VC&C thoughts:

I’ve tried a lot of different protein powders and I was never a fan, that is until I tried Jay Robb protein powders.  The flavors (especially the Pina Colada) are delicious!  I add the powder to some milk and drink it for breakfast which keeps me full until lunch 🙂

Oh – it’s also good added to coffee.


Have you ever used Protein Powder? If so, what is your favorite brand?

Disclaimer: I must say I’m not a registered dietitian. This post is based on my own personal knowledge, opinions and research.


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