2011 Taste of Chicago

I can’t believe I haven’t done a post about my visit to the Taste of Chicago.  I’ve been going to this event for over 5 years and each year I love it!

The Taste is an outdoor food festival that showcases all varieties of food that dining in Chicago has to offer.  Each vendor has full versions of dishes and they are also required to have a Taste portion.  The Taste portion is smaller in size and costs less tickets.

Admission is free – all you have to do is purchase tickets to get the food:

After tickets were firmly in my grasp, I headed out to get some of my favorite Taste foods.

First stop, The Original Rainbow Cone:

This has always been one of my staples!  A waffle cone layered with Chocolate, Strawberry, Palmer House (NY vanilla with cherries and walnuts), Pistachio and Orange Sherbet.

My husband picked the next stop and I must say he did an excellent job.  He chose an all natural Chipotle Chicken Sausage taste from Bobak’s:

which claims to be “Sausageology” at it’s Best and I would have to agree!  It’s the best sausage I’ve had to date!

Patrick decided we needed a side to go along with the sausage so he got a taste portion of Mango Dusted Fries with Tamarind Chutney from Vermilion.  At first I thought they sounded disgusting but actually they were good:

Next up was Roasted Corn on the Cob at The Abbey:

I’m a Midwestern girl so my decision to spend some of my tickets on Corn on the Cob was a no brainer.  Simple and delicious!

While I was eating my corn Patrick got himself a Banh Mi from The Noodle Vietnamese Cuisine.  He did not like it because it had mayo on it and I didn’t like it because the meat was kind of fatty.

Next up was something I get every single year I go to the Taste.  The taste portion of the Garlic Mozzarella Cheese Bread from Polo Cafe and Catering:

I just love this garlicky bread topped with melted mozzarella cheese.  Love, love, love:

Our final stop was a new addition to the taste this year.  I’ve always been a Robinson’s Ribs eater when dining at the taste but this year I decided to try something new.  Enter … Smoke Daddy:

I liked the name and I liked the menu so I had to bypass Robinson’s to try out the new kid on the Taste Block!

Patrick and I split the Pulled Pork Sandwich topped with BBQ sauce:

I thought this sandwich was fantastic but my husband wasn’t so impressed.  He thought it was good but not so deserving of all the “mmmmm’s” I was giving it.  He is more of a “let’s get messy and chow down on ribs with bones” kind of guy.  Not a pulled pork sandwich kind of guy.

Next up we split (not really because I devoured it before he had a chance) the Banana Pudding.  It was your basic banana pudding, nothing special about it.  However, it did taste really good on a hot summer day!

Let’s do a little overview:

The Original Rainbow Cone – SO GOOD.  Get this every year!

Bobak’s – Best chicken sausage I’ve had to date.

Vermilion – The fries were good but I could skip them next year.

The Abbey – I know it sounds strange but for some reason corn on the cob tastes better when walking around the taste.  Corn on the Cob is always good!

The Noodle – Skip it.  Would rather spend my tickets on something else.

Polo Cafe & Catering – Love this garlic cheese bread!  This is another item I get each year.

Smoke Daddy – I hope this vendor is back next year.  I really enjoyed everything I got from them!  Delicious BBQ!!!

This was such a fun day and looking back at these pictures I would love to do it all over again right now!  Unfortunately I will have to wait until next year.


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