Late Start Monday

I had trouble sleeping last night so getting up this morning was, to put it lightly, hell. At around 8:15 am I jumped out of bed and hit the shower. Then it was on to dressing, getting bags ready and walking the dog. I made it out of the house at 8:45 am. I hate that I have trouble sleeping, the only time I don’t have trouble is when I take NyQuil for my cold but that is not a solution to getting a good nights sleep on a nightly basis. My husband said I need to come up with a night time routine where I start to unwind from my day. I can’t even tell you how hard that is for me.


To help me stay awake I had some Tazo Awake tea.

And to help with the Christmas spirit I ate a chocolate peppermint stick Luna bar. I love this bar, so good.

I also think it is neat how on the back of the Luna bar they have a “who inspires you” quote written by a customer. The quote on my bar was:

To my beautiful daughter: you have taught me to take life one day at a time. Your laughter and joyful personality have been just what my soul needed. I love you. – Mom

So sweet! If you want to submit a quote go to


No picture of lunch today, sorry. It was a pretty simple lunch but just because it was simple doesn’t mean it wasn’t tasty!

I had 1 cup of Vegetable soup which included cabbage, carrots, celery, cauliflower and red beans. The broth had a little spice to it which I liked a lot. I also had 1 cup of Ginger chicken soup. Both soups were good and did the job of making my stomach happy!
After work my husband and I had a cocktail at Rosebud in the Chicago loop. This place was totally decked out for Christmas. The first drink I had was a cosmo:
The second drink I had was a champagne. This was the same champagne that was served at my wedding!


Do you have a nighttime routine that helps you unwind and fall asleep?

Obviously I don’t have one but I am open to suggestions!

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