Holiday Photo – December 13, 2009

Happy Holiday’s!

These holiday photos are of one of the Chicago Christmas tree lots. I like this lot because they always decorate the space. Not just with the obvious Christmas trees but with ornaments and candy canes. At night the lot is all lit up and very Christmasie!

Here is a look at the large candy canes lined all around the lot.
For those of you that have Christmas trees, do you have a real or artificial tree?
We have a great artificial tree, I love it!


  • Dairy Free Betty

    artificial. It's really cool though, it has some plastic branches, and some regular ones, it looks very real, even sitting up close!!

  • Tracey-

    It's so pretty! Our is artificial. Last year, we said we wanted to get a "real tree next year" but we put up our artificial one again. Maybe next year we'll get a real one… nothing compares to that real tree smell!
    I have two kitties, one of whom is very mischievous, which is why we haven't gotten a real one these past few years. Our artificial is very pretty- the lights are colored lights (fun!) and already on the tree, which is nice!

  • *Naomi*

    hey girl! thanks for commenting on my blog! great pics, I dont celebrate xmas so I dont have any tree! haha…those candy canes look great!

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