Coffee, Pancakes, Tacos and a former President

I want to start off by thanking all the Veterans and current Soldiers for fighting for our country. You all are very much appreciated!

I started off today having a cup of Java with some creamer.
The coffee we made today was Amy’s Blend from Caribou Coffee. This is a really great coffee, not just for the taste but also for the donation it gives to the Susan G. Komen fund. Here is an explanation from the Caribou Coffee website:


About Amy Amy Erickson was a beloved Roastmaster of ours who passed away after a valiant fight with breast cancer. To honor Amy’s passion for coffee and life, and to do our part to find a cure, each year we create a special coffee and other products that would meet her standards. We think she’d approve. Our Contribution When you buy Amy’s Blend products, 10% of sales are donated to Susan G. Komen for the Cure. Together we can make a difference.

Caribou Coffee offers this every year. I encourage you to check it out!

While I was drinking my coffee I decided to make some pancakes. I started off by mixing 1 egg, 2 tbs oil and 1/2 cup water.

By the way I used Cage Free Eggs.
Next, I mixed in 1 cup of Stonewall Kitchen Blueberry Pancake mix.

The finished product was pretty good. I added some butter and warm maple syrup to mine.

After breakfast we headed out to Macy’s. On the way to the store we saw all these people hanging out:

Turns out Bill Clinton was in the area and we did get to see him. But the coolest part of seeing him was checking out the security detail. They had SUV’s, cop cars, cops on horses and cops on bikes. One of the bike cops had a really cool coffee holder on his bike, so of course I took a picture:
(Does anyone notice the Starbucks holiday cup?)
Once we reached Macy’s be did a little bit of shopping and then hit the 7th floor for Frontera Fresco.

I had the Chipotle Chicken taco and the husband had the Chipotle Shrimp taco. The food was excellent. I loved the way the meat was seasoned!

Although the food was good the experience was not all that great. The place was out of the first 3 things my husband tried to order and the staff were not very pleasant. I will check this place out one more time to see if the service is better but if it is not greatly improved than I can’t say that I would go out of my way to give them my money.
On that note stay tuned for my dinner post!

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