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I’m a total magazine junkie. My obsession started back when I was 10 years old and my parents needed to give me something to occupy my time while they went bowling. I remember sitting at the counter in the bowling alley, eating pickles and flipping through the glossy images of Bop and the Big Bopper. Little did my parents know that they created a monster by buying me these magazines.

Over the years the magazines I buy have changed but the love of flipping through the glossy images is still a favorite pastime of mine. I’ve decided to incorporate my magazine love into this blog. So on Monday’s I will post information that I found interesting while looking through my magazines.

This last weekend I read the Fitness, Nov/Dec 2009 issue.

Interesting numbers:

3,000 – Number of calories in the average Thanksgiving dinner

4.7 – Number of hours you’d have to jog to burn them off

15 – Weight in pounds of the average Thanksgiving turkey

8 – Pounds the average American gains in a decade just from pigging out every November and December

Interesting Products:

Saved by the Band a wristband that stores health info (you upload it to a website that medical pros can access). Bonus: No more stuffing cash in your sports bra; a chip holds up to $200, so you can make payments with a wave of your wrist at may retailers.

Great gloves to wear when you are out and about and need to actually do things with your hands. For example, mess with an iPod while out for a run.

I can’t wait to get my hands in a pair of these gloves!

Interesting Info:

What to drink before a workout:

Water – Sip it. Starting a workout well hydrated will help you go longer and harder.

Sports Drink – Sip it. If you need the extra carbs before you start. Otherwise, save your swigs for when your energy starts to flag during longer sessions.

Coffee – Sip it. Consuming a large coffee cup’s worth of caffeine an hour before you work out will up the number of reps you can do, according to a recent study.

Energy Drink – Skip it. A new study shows that drinking Red Bull Sugarfree before you hit the gym doesn’t increase endurance. The study author says the drink may cause nausea, irritability and increased blood pressure instead.

Vinegar fights fat!

* In a recent study, obese people who consumed two tablespoons of vinegar daily lost an average of 5 percent more belly flab than those who didn’t eat it.

Other interesting articles in the Nov/Dec Fitness magazine:

Say Spaah! – No time or money for professional pampering? You can treat your achy muscles and stressed-out skin at home. Bliss out with DIY tricks.

Burn More Fat in No Time – 8 ridiculously simple rules for netting maximum body benefits from your busy day.
Sleep Well – Discusses how eating smarter will maximize the quality and power of your zzz’s.

Eat, drink and still shrink – Trim the tree and your waistline this holiday season with our fixes for every fattening situation.


I’m sure I can’t be the only magazine junkie out here. What magazines do you read? Do you have subscriptions or purchase in the store?

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