No Appetite

Today was my first day in the office in over a week. Last week I was so sick I couldn’t make it to work. I decided today would be the day I grace my co-workers with the ever constant cough I can’t seem to shake off. I’m sure they are very annoyed but at least I’m no longer contagious, I’m just irritating.

My food intake over the last week has not been the greatest. It has consisted mainly of cough drops and NyQuil with a splash of chicken soup and some chocolate.

This morning started off with a Halls Honey-Lemon cough drop. These are the only drops that work for me. I do believe I’ve been overdosing on these, the directions on the bag say: dissolve 1 drop slowly in the mouth, repeat every 2 hours as needed. Every 2 hours is laughable to me, I’ve been popping these puppies every half hour!
Once I got to work I made myself some Tazo Awake tea and banana strawberry yogurt. I really didn’t feel like eating anything but I need to eat some good stuff so I can get better.

My appetite has really been lacking so for lunch I just had an small Coldbuster smoothie from Jamba Juice. The Coldbuster is 100% pure oj, orange sherbet, peaches, bananas, Immunity Boost, Antioxidant Power Boost and ice. I hope this kicks my cold’s ass!
I still wasn’t hungry for dinner but figured I needed to eat something. I decided on some pasta and Ragu Traditional sauce.
My food has gotten so boring! Need to spice things up a bit.
What do you eat when you are sick and don’t have an appetite?
Until tomorrow…


  • Lu

    When I had the flu earlier this year all I wanted was pasta. Seriously. For four days all I ate was spaghetti cooked in chicken broth. Not like soup, noodles that tasted like broth. Carbs are my comfort food. I hope you feel better soon.

  • eatingmachine

    i love smoothies when i'm sick!
    i don't always feel like *eating* my fruits and veggies when i'm not well but drinking them does wonders.

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