Overnight Oats and 3 Minute Run

I was very excited to start of my Monday morning thanks to a little something I had sitting in my fridge, overnight oats. I was excited because this was was first ever bowl of overnight oats and I loved that they were so simple to make.


In the mix:

  • equal parts skim milk, vanilla yogurt, oats
  • 1 teaspoon Goji berries
  • 1 tablespoon granola

The verdict: They were okay but not as good as I had thought they would be. I think I probably messed up the milk, yogurt mixture, next time I will try it with less milk and more toppings. One thing is for sure, it was VERY filling!

And of course I had a coffee/cocoa mix to wash down the oats:


I ate all the broccoli and about half the pasta noodles in the picture below:

1 cup of turkey broth. Turkey was in the mix as well but for some reason I don’t like to eat the meat in the soup. So I just have the broth:)


After my lunch had digested I did my 3rd week, 1st workout of the Couch to 5K workout. I was nervous for this one because within the workout I would have to run 3 minutes straight. Okay, all you runner out there try not to laugh, this is something that is hard for me;) I’m happy to report that it was not nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I was able to get through the workout and am even thinking I will up the speed on my Wednesday run!

Needless to say the little bit of pasta and the turkey broth was not very filling. After my workout I dug around in my snack drawer and pulled out a Larabar – Chocolate Coconut Chew:

I was really expecting this to be more flavorful. So far the only bar that I’ve liked from the company has been the Cinnamon Roll flavor. I haven’t tried all of the flavors, actually I’ve only had about 4 of them. I have 1 more in my stash to try out and I’m hoping it is as tasty as the Cinnamon Roll. Fingers crossed!

Happy Hour

My husband was meeting friends at Ceres so after I was done with work I met up with him.

I ordered my usual of Captain and Coke:

We munched on a bowl of Chili with Cheddar cheese. I like to dip tortilla chips in the Chili as a sort of appetizer. So good!


When we got home I was firmly planted on the couch to watch the Bachelor. It was really fun to watch it and comment with all the people on twitter!

I was so involved in the show I didn’t even take a photo of my dinner. No worries, it was just angel hair pasta and tomato sauce. Nothing fancy!

Well, I hope everyone made it through Monday okay! I did.


Do you like overnight oats and if yes how do you make them?


  • Heather (Heather's Dish)

    you know, i've only tried them once, and did NOT like them! i think it's because i don't love them cold, but i just felt like the texture was weird in bad way…or maybe i just love my warm oats that much! 🙂

  • wine blog

    Those Goji's are awesome! SO healthy if you can handle the texture. The Chili looks good with all that cheese melted on top! Cheers~

  • Gina

    I've never tried overnight oats. I am too hooked on my current breakfast; oat bran, pumpkin, and peanut butter! I just can't get over it. Sorry they didn't turn out like you had thought. I do find that many of the foods I try from blog "trends" don't turn out as great as I hope. For example, Oats in a Jar, BLAH! Not a fan.

    The cinnamon roll Larabar sounds fabulous!!

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