Beverage Changes

Seems like it’s been forever since my last post but really it’s only been 2 weeks ­čśë ┬áI wish I could say I was doing a ton of fun and eventful things during that time but that would be a lie. ┬áNothing but working and feeling sick happening in my household.

During my short time away I did manage to make a couple healthy lifestyle changes. ┬áI cut both booze and caffeine from my daily intake. ┬áNow, anyone who has read my blog knows that both of these items are frequently mentioned. ┬áI’m not saying I’m giving up on caffeine and booze forever but I wanted to see if making these small changes would make a difference in the frequency of my headaches.

Verdict: ┬áI’ve been off caffeine and alcohol for at least 2 weeks and during that time I haven’t had 1 headache. ┬áWoohoo!!!


1 container of vanilla Chobani yogurt with the best pumpkin spice almond granola:


I was trying to find something on the healthy side for lunch. ┬áI didn’t want a sandwich and I was having salad for dinner so I opted to go to Wow Bao.

I ordered the vegetable rice bowl which was not as good as I hoped so I only ate half.  It had cilantro (which I hate) and it was way to salty:

I also had a chipotle chicken bao.  A bao is fluffy steamed dough filled with (in this case) chipotle chicken and spices.  The dough on these bad boys are SO good.  I love it!

Afternoon Snack

My office is freezing so I needed something warm. ┬áNormally I would have gone to Starbucks and picked up a latte. ┬áSince I’m not doing caffeine I decided to go with a grande refresh green tea instead:

Ended up being the perfect choice ­čÖé


Patrick and I are both trying to eat better so it really didn’t surprise me when he suggested salad for dinner. ┬áI busted out the veggie knife, cutting board, salad fixings and got to chopping.

In the mix:

  • lettuce
  • carrots
  • celery
  • cucumber
  • parmesan cheese
  • Italian dressing

Put it all in a bowl and chow down!

I’m pretty pleased with my food choices today. ┬áHope I can do as well tomorrow!

Blog atcha’ later!


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