Early Wake-Up

Today was yet another day that started with an early wake up call.  I really wish I was independently wealthy so I could sleep in as long as I wanted.  Of course I would also donate to charity, pay off all my bills and purchase a new Prada bag 😀


While I wait for my wealth to appear I guess I will have to rely on my lattes to keep me going on these early mornings:

Don’t you just love my 70’s inspired coffee sleeve?!?  It was a Christmas gift from my sister 🙂

My latte helped me wash down a delicious Au Bon Pain bagel sandwich.  So cheesy:



My appetite has been all over the place.  Yesterday I didn’t eat breakfast and wasn’t hungry for lunch.  Today I ate a large breakfast and I was starving by the time lunch rolled around.  I think I need to get back to eating oatmeal in the morning to get my appetite back on track.

Thank goodness one of my favorite lunches was on the menu.  Bow tie pasta with broccoli, carrots and garlic topped with alfredo and pesto sauce:

After a long day at work Patrick and I decided to stop at Ceres to grab an afterwork drink.  Can you guess what I had?

A Shirley Temple!  Betcha’ thought I had some kind of alcohol but not today.  I went with my favorite childhood drink 😀


The husband stir-fried me some frozen broccoli, sauce and spices.  I don’t know how but he manages to make the best stir-fry.  The vegetables always come out SO flavorful and crisp:

a piece of 5 cheese garlic bread on the side:


A couple hours after dinner I decided I needed a little something more to eat.  I opted for some french bread dipped in 2 types of balsamic vinegar:

The vinegar on the left is a white jalapeno balsamic vinegar (one of my faves) and on the right is an aged balsamic vinegar.

I really need to get to the grocery store to stock up on fresh veggies.  I’m craving a ginormous salad topped with all kinds of healthy stuff!


What is your favorite thing to dip bread into?

My favorite is balsamic vinegar or olive oil with fresh ground pepper and parmesan cheese.


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