What a Headache!

This last week has been a crazy and stressful week.  I don’t know about you but days of stress cause headaches in my world.

I had a major headache that lasted 3 days.  It was the worst … I couldn’t see straight, upset stomach, dizziness, exhaustion, light sensitivity and if anyone spoke above a whisper I would shoot them the evil eye 👿

I tried everything that has worked for me in the past.  Some are natural remedies like sensory lotions, heat pack made up of herbs and getting hydrated.  When those don’t work I move on to drugs like Aleve and DayQuil sinus.  Nothing was helping me and I was beginning to think I would have this headache forever!

That is until a lady at work introduced me to the best drug ever!  I introduce you to a headaches worst nightmare, Excedrin Tension Headache:

I kid you not, 30 minutes after taking these beautiful red pills my headache was gone.  The headache I had for 3 days was GONE!

One thing is for sure, I will always have this medication in my medicine cabinet!

Now on to the fun stuff, FOOD!


I was so busy this morning that I didn’t even realize I forgot to eat breakfast until lunch rolled around!

Surprisingly I wasn’t all that hungry but I knew I needed to eat something and get a little caffeine in me.  I started off with a Dr. Pepper:

And had a soft shell taco with beef, cheese, lettuce, jalapenos and hot sauce:

T’was a good lunch.


When I arrived home from work I was craving a burger.  I had a hard day today and didn’t feel like making anything so Patrick got on the Internet and ordered us some food from Hackney’s.

I got a Hackney burger with cheddar cheese:

More than 1 person has thought I was a weirdo because I like to dip my burger in sauces instead of pouring it onto the burger.

I always have a trio of dips for all my dipping needs.

A1, Ketchup and spicy mustard, BBQ sauce

I was in a much better mood after eating dinner.  I wonder if it’s a good or bad thing that food has the ability to make me very happy 😉


Do you like to put sauce (ketchup, mustard, A1) on top of your burger? -or- are you a dipper like me?


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