Veggies and Strange Food Combo’s

Dinner was a new experience for me. I attempted to roast brussel sprouts. They don’t look to great but they tasted fantastic. I will be making these again in the very near future.

Here is a closer look at my slightly burnt dinner.
After my brussel sprout experience my husband poured me a glass of white wine.
We bought this wine on a trip to Michigan. It comes from the Karma Vista winery. All you people in Michigan or close by should totally go on a Michigan wine tour. A lot of hidden gems in the state.
I didn’t have many brussel sprouts so I was still hungry. We really don’t have much food in the house so I had to search for something to eat. I decided on corn, why not?
I’ve been known to eat some pretty strange food combinations. This might gross a lot of you out but I really like my corn with ketchup.
I always thought I was alone in this food combo but I have met a couple others who prefer corn with a touch of ketchup 😉
What strange food combo’s do you have?


  • Lu

    Ketchup and corn? That's different. I bet it tastes good. I like to eat rice and beans with lemon or lime juice on them. Yum. Or rice with tuna and pickles. Some days you just go back to your college days and eat what's in the fridge.

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