Wednesday – a bit of everything

I woke up this morning feeling not hungry at all. Probably has something to do with all that pasta I had last night. I just love a big plate of pasta, yum!

I decided to have a liquid breakfast, OJ. Maybe this will help we fight off this cough, that would be great.

Around 11:00 am I felt like having something sweet so I had a couple Twizzler Nibs. I don’t really like Twizzlers but I do like these.

By the time lunch rolled around I was hungry. I started off with some Pasta Fagoli soup. It was okay, I don’t like tomato’s in my soups and this had some in it. But I was crafty and picked around those pesky tomato’s.

I needed something else so I had 3 of these roasted potatoes. They were very small.

The clock hit 3:30 pm and my head hit the desk. I was so tired and in desperate need of caffeine. I chatted up my husband and he took me to get a Starbucks. I strayed away from my usual order and got a skinny peppermint mocha latte.

It was very tasty, like a dessert. However, I do believe they forgot to make it skinny because I noticed some chocolate floating on the top of my drink 🙁 Oh well, it is in my belly now!

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