Last night was a productive night. Haven’t had one of those during the work week in some time. I got home from work around 6:00 pm. I was able to stop at the pharmacy, walk both dogs, do dishes (which included hand washing), 2 loads of laundry (folded and put away), dinner made, blog posts made and kitchen floor cleaned all before 9:00 pm. This may not seem like a lot but it is for me. I like to just veg or go out to dinner after a day of working. I’m thinking the latte at 3:30 pm yesterday may have played a roll in my productivity Wednesday night;)

This morning was a cold one. So cold I had to dig out my hat and gloves before leaving the house. I ran out of my Awake tea so I was forced to try a new flavor. I decided on Tazo Passion tea. The Passion tea smelled wonderful and looked really pretty but the flavor is too sweet for me. Plus upon closer inspection I discovered no caffeine is in this choice of beverage which means this is not a good choice for morning consumption;)

Breakfast was an Odwalla sweet & salty almond chewy nut bar. This bar contains crunchy almonds and hearty oats and is fantastic!!! Loved the chewy nutty flavors!

Take a look at the nuts in this bar (this sentence made me giggle for some reason).

During my lunch break I had to go get my husband’s watch battery replaced so while I was out I decided to get take-out from a new place. Kramer’s Healthy Foods (menu) is not only a health food store but restaurant too. This store is FULL of healthy items from organic beauty supplies, books and exercise tapes to an organic grocery store. The store also has vitamins, supplements and a bunch of different bars. This is a rare and great find in the Chicago loop!

I ventured up to the loft to place my lunch order. The worker’s were very friendly and knowledgeable about the food they offered. I decided on the Cuban Black Bean soup and Kramer’s salad.

The soup was really good and filling. Tons of black beans and carrots, both are items I like. I would have liked the soup to have a little spice to it, so next time I will have to experiment with all the spices they had available at the order counter.

The salad was very fresh. It had marinated asparagus, tomato’s, onion, cucumbers & feta cheese served over a spring mix. I opted to have no cheese and remove the tomato’s. This was a great salad!

I’m so bummed I didn’t get any pictures of Kramer’s but it will give me an excuse to go back! As if I need an excuse, I loved my meal and am planning my next visit as I type this!

Around 4:00 pm my husband stopped by and asked if I was interested in Starbucks. No need to ever ask me that question, I’m always interested in Starbucks. We walked over to the local shop and I ordered a tall no foam skinny vanilla latte. Perfection!

Isn’t it cute 🙂 I normally order a venti or grande but since it is late in the day I decided to downsize.
Oh – Chicago had it’s first snow flurry of the year! How exciting!


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