Happy Friday!

It’s Friday! I love Friday’s!

I wasn’t hungry for breakfast but I needed some kind of caffeinated beverage. I opted for a bottle of Diet Dr. Pepper but only drank half.

I love that the Diet Dr. Pepper bottle resembles a football. Do you see it?

Lunch was pretty good today. I had roasted barley and lentil soup with a side order of pasta salad. I’m a total pasta addict, it’s crazy!
Soup doesn’t look all that great but it was tasty and filling.

I was so excited to see peppermint soft serve frozen yogurt in the cafeteria today. After I ate my soup and pasta I high tailed it back to the cafeteria and got me some fro-yo!

mmm…looks good, right? Wrong, it was awful!!!! Tasted like strawberry peppermint and those are two flavors that don’t work for me. I was totally bummed!

Poor Patrick has been working long hours which means we haven’t been seeing very much of each other. We decided that tonight we would stop at Elephant and Castle to grab some dinner. After dinner he went back to work and I went home where I did some cleaning and organizing around the apartment. I’m getting so old, Friday nights used to be all about going out and now my rocking plans are to go home to clean and organize. Oh boy, who knows what I will be doing when I hit my 60’s!

Inside Elephant and Castle:

I was a bad girl and ordered a hamburger with cheddar cheese and french fries.
To drink I had a fun cocktail named Morticia’s Kiss. It is made with vodka, chambord and blue curacao with a splash of cranberry, lemonade and sprite. A lot going on with this cocktail!
What cocktails do you like to drink?
I really like Champagne and Kettle One Cosmo’s.

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