Repeat dinner with a great addition!

The husband and I stopped by Ceres, yet again. I of course ordered my usual happy hour drink of Captain Morgan Diet Coke:
I also ordered a soup that is new to me. Buffalo Chicken soup and it was wonderful. A bit spicy with corn, beans, celery and chicken. This dish also came with blue cheese croutons but, I didn’t eat any of them (pat myself on the back for that one).

Then I had my usual chicken salad. I still can’t believe how fresh all the produce in this salad is! I mean it is the heart of winter and this stuff tastes like I grew it in my own garden!
I really enjoy going to Ceres. It has good cheap drinks, good food and it’s a great place for people watching;)
Do you have a place you frequent for Happy Hour? If so what is your go to drink?


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