The Winter Blues

My life has been so boring recently. I think I always tend to feel this way following the holidays. It’s like I was going 120 mph and now I’m at a standstill, sort of. I have lots of things I need to do but not motivation to do any of them. I might have a touch of the winter blues:( Hopefully my upcoming vacation will help me out of this rut!


This morning I really felt like having fruit. So I grabbed an apple (think it was a honey crisp) to eat at work:

Really good and hit the spot!

This morning, while waiting for our ride, my husband told me I looked tired. This is never a good thing to be told. Once I got to work I checked my emails and put my to do list together and then it was straight to Starbucks. I got my usual:


The apple and latte for breakfast did a good job of keeping me satisfied until lunch. Once 1:00 pm hit I made a mad dash for some Tuscan White Bean soup:

So good and so filling! Unfortunately I didn’t read the calories before I ate this soup, about 530 for a cup. Ouch!
While I ate my lunch I flipped through this magazine:

After work Patrick and I are going to a couple stores to purchase things we need for our trip. Hopefully we will be home at a reasonable hour so I can tackle my home to-do list:
  • Load iPod
  • Find a nice going out outfit for trip
  • Layout the clothes I will wear on the plane
  • Purchase case for Gameboy
  • Wash swimsuit
  • Clean kitchen counters
  • Make list of what I need on plane
  • Look at downloading ecto on computer?


What do you have in your carry on when you travel?

For me, the essentials are gum, magazines, book, iPod and sinus medication. Oh, and I can’t forget about the noise canceling headset and water!
*Sorry about the quality of the pictures in this post. Left my good camera at home:(

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