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As I mentioned yesterday it was Solera’s birthday.  On the dogs birthdays they get whatever they want.  Most the time it’s treats and toys but Solera is a rather interesting dog at times.

He chose to wedge himself in between the couch, file cabinet, wall and desk.  He assumed his favorite position which is his head under the couch while whining constantly for a toy that he rolled under the couch and now can’t reach.

He did this a lot yesterday and we came to his rescue every time:

While all this was going on Cappy tired to cover his head with pillows so he wouldn’t have to hear his little brother whining:

My weekends would not be at all entertaining without my two little fur babies 😀


A drink of Sierra Mist a lemon-lime soda.  This was the first time I had this soda and it was pretty good.  It was crisp and refreshing not at all too citrus-y.

We ordered in from one of our past favorites.  Flaco’s Tacos!

I had the ground beef and potatoes burrito:

I’ve said it before and I will say it again, I love that Flaco’s puts potatoes inside of the burrito.


Just like yesterday Patrick made me a mock-tail of Pom and Lime Seltzer.  This is such a great drink!  If you haven’t tried it you need to, immediately 🙂

At around 6:30 Patrick fired up the stove and started cooking a variation of Tracey’s Runza.  The dish was pretty much the same except we used croissant crust instead of pizza crust.

It was delicious!  However, I must say I do like the pizza crust better.

Yum, Yum, Yum!  This really is a good meal!


Do you celebrate your pet’s birthdays?

As you all know I do celebrate my dog’s birthday’s.  We provide them with treats, toys and lots of attention.

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