Happy Birthday Cappy!!!

Today is first – Cappy’s birthday and second – Valentines day.

Cappy turned 10 years old today!  It feels like I just adopted him yesterday.

My little dog is a foodie just like his mom.  This dog is all about treats instead of toys!

He started off his birthday celebration with one of his favorites, a Bully Stick:

Next up on the birthday boys treat list was a Kong filled with frozen peanut butter.  Cappy used to love these when he was little.  It’s probably been over 3 years since he’s enjoyed this PB treat.

No worries, he knew exactly what to do with the Kong when it was in his possession.  It’s like riding a bike!

I think he had one heck of a Foodie dog birthday 😀

Just like a human who has had too much food, Cappy is laying on the couch sleeping soundly.  So cute, I just love him to pieces!

Happy Birthday Cappy!!!


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