Clean Bill of Health and Flo & Santos

I had a very busy Friday morning.
Over the last few months Patrick and I have been finding lumps on Cappy. Not just any lumps but golf ball size lumps that seem to appear overnight and disappear just as fast. On Thursday night I noticed one on his stomach so I took him to the vet first thing Friday morning. Thankfully the vet said they appear to be fatty cysts and nothing to worry about. My furry child has a clean bill of health, well, except for his teeth. He’s scheduled for a teeth cleaning in December:)

Due to the Vet visit and work I didn’t have time to eat anything. But I made up for it later in the day!

Quick and easy whole wheat pasta with Ragu traditional sauce.

After eating my pasta I needed to satisfy my sweet tooth so I snacked on a handful of butterscotch chips.

After work P and I walked to a rather new restaurant, Flo & Santos:

This pub and eatery is located in the South Loop neighborhood in Chicago. It’s a very cozy and welcoming atmosphere where families are welcome as are those who just want to grab a drink at the bar. I loved the exposed brick and large red booths. Oh, and the 90-inch HD screen would be great to watch a little college football on.
The food is a mix of Polish and Italian classics. My two favorite cuisines, I couldn’t wait to dig in!

I sipped on one of the specialty cocktails while P and I looked over the menu.
Bison Grass Vodka with Hard Cider served in a graham cracker rimmed glass:

The cocktail was okay but I most likely will not order it again. It didn’t really have that much flavor but I did enjoy the rim on the glass:)

My first dish was the house made chicken & egg noodle soup. Oh my word, I loved this soup. I was so happy to discover it because chicken soup is one of those things that makes me feel comforted.
The broth wasn’t too salty, the noodles were the perfect texture and the shredded chicken was perfection. The memory of this soup is making me want to jog over to Flo & Santos right now!

P and I shared the waffle fries for an appetizer. They were good but nothing all that different than other waffle fries I’ve had. I told Patrick next time I’m going to sneak some Lawry’s seasoned salt in to sprinkle it all over the fries. That would be good and P agreed!

The angels sang to me when I read the description for Flo’s pizzapolsak Kielbasa, sauerkraut and apple wood smoked bacon. I know many of you are thinking sauerkraut on pizza doesn’t sound appetizing at all. But I’m here to set the record straight…It is amazing!!!
I only had a couple slices of Flo’s pizza because I needed to save room for dessert.
Just two words: S’more Pizza!

Topped with vanilla gelato:


So, so, so amazing!!!
Flo & Santos has the best thin crust pizza I’ve had in a long time. The interesting toppings they offer give this pizza joint an edge above all the other places in the neighborhood. The food is good and the service is good which means this blogger will be going to this place again!
What is the craziest topping you’ve put on your pizza?


  • Gina; The Candid RD

    I agree with Gabriela, holy yum!! 🙂

    The first time I was in Chicago, about 5 years ago, my friend brought me to a restaurant where I ordered a martini with a graham cracker rim. It was actually the first time I had experienced such an amazing creation! I think it was a keylime pie martini. Basically, a dessert in a drink!

    Craziest pizza topping? I think apples. Not too crazy, but definitely different.

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