Thursday’s are Good Days

It’s 1 day closer to Friday and it’s farmers market day! I love going to the farmers market and looking at buying all the wonderful fresh food. However my wallet usually takes a beating:(
Cup of steel cut oats from Potbelly’s topped with peanut butter. These oats always do a great job of keeping me full well into the afternoon.

I decided to remove my ass from the chair I sit in more than 8 hours a day and take a walk to the farmers market. It was wonderful. The weather was nice and I was able to talk to a bunch of the vendors about how they grow their products. Learned a lot and picked up some great food!
As I was walking back to work I discovered an interesting tent in the farmers market, Rock n Roll Noodle Company. This place wasn’t selling veggies, fruit or cheese they were selling lunch! Different kinds of noodle dishes and a sandwich. Everything looked great but I opted for the veggie pad thai.
Not just any pad thai. The best pad thai I’ve had in a really long time. The flavor was wonderful and made my taste buds very happy.

Topped with some Sriracha for a bit of spice.
Happy Hour
Patrick made me a Jeff Lewis martini. What, you don’t know who Jeff Lewis is? He’s the OCD designer star of Flipping out. And he knows his way around a dirty martini!

2 parts vodka, 1 part water, 1 part olive juice and 3 olives. Yummers!
We shared a slice of cheese purchased from the farmers market.
Perfect happy hour in my book!
I wanted something simple for dinner so we ordered from my favorite mexican joint, Flaco’s Tacos!
I got a couple Picadillo tacos; ground beef & potatoes, cheese and Cholula Hot Sauce wrapped in a corn tortilla.
Vanilla Bean Cupcake:
Take a close look at the frosting. Can you see the vanilla bean specks?
This cupcake was simple and full of vanilla flavor. I need to learn to bake using real vanilla bean.
Have you ever used real vanilla bean? What did you use it in and how did you do it?


  • Erica

    What a great day 🙂 I bet that walk at lunch was the perfect way to break up your workday. And I'm obsessed with flipping out. Jeff cracks me up. Have you ever tried using the vanilla paste from Williams sonoma? Its expensive, but gives you those same specks…so tasty too

  • Tina @ Faith Fitness Fun

    I've never used real vanilla bean in my own cooking but think you can taste a noticeable difference in things its in though.

    What great eats. All look delicious.

  • Paige (Running Around Normal)

    I didn't know Potbelly's served breakfast! And steel cut oats at that!
    I've never used real vanilla bean, though I really want to soon:)

  • Veggies, Cake & Cocktails

    Erica – Nope, I haven't seen the vanilla paste from WS. I'm going to take a look next time I'm in the store. Thanks for the tip!

    Tina – I can totally taste a difference in items using real vanilla bean. The flavor is so much richer. I love it.

    Paige – Yep, they do. I believe they make breakfast sandwiches but I've kind of become obsessed with the oatmeal. It's perfect for fall weather!

    Michal – I never heard of Potbelly's before I moved to Chicago. It's a great sandwich place.

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